New CD | YAZZ Band: New Normal

YAZZ Band: New Normal is the soon to be released CD from Greg Yasinitsky. This album showcases Yasinitsky's compositions—some old, some recent—in new arrangements scored for “little big band”: four saxophones, two trumpets, trombone and rhythm section. About half of the tracks were recorded with the full ensemble in the studio before the pandemic shut things down. After that, musicians submitted their parts individually, with many, including me, recording in their homes, our “new normal.” Yasinitsky is featured on saxophone along with wonderful musicians and good friends including Vanessa Sielert, Horace Alexander Young and David Larsen, saxophones: John Harbaugh and Vern Sielert, trumpets and flugelhorns; Dave Glenn, trombone; Gabe Condon, guitar; Jake Svendsen, piano; David Bjur and F. David Snider, bass; and Dan Bukvich and David Jarvis, drums. Remote recording made it possible to also feature on selected tracks trombonist Francisco Torres in Los Angeles, and pianists Willis Delony in Baton Rouge and Teo Ciavarella in Bologna, Italy. Tracks were assembled and mixed by David Bjur in the Washington State University Recording Studio, and mastered by Raul E. Blanco. Scores and parts for these pieces will be available in the coming weeks from Walrus Music at This CD will be released on Origin Records. Thanks to John Bishop for this opportunity. Stay tuned for release information and videos. YAZZ Band: New Normal was made possible by a generous Fellowship from the Center for Arts and Humanities at Washington State University.

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    G.P. 8:09
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    Diva 5:59
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