Big Band Music Published by Kendor Music

Blue Diamond, grade 2

That's the Idea, grade 3

Lavender Sunset, grade 2

Chalupa, grade 2

Big Time, grade 3.5

O Come, All Ye Faithful, grade 2

Sofrito, grade 2

Greg's Groove, grade 1

Back Online, grade 2

Porto Garibaldi, grade 2

Cavanaugh Bay, grade 2

Quality Time, grade 2

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Book Chapter in Rehearsing the Jazz Band

Book Published by Advance Music, a division of Schott Music

Improvisation 101: Major, Minor and Blues

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Jazz Concerto for Piano, wind ensemble orchestration, Published by Murphy Music Press

Big Band Music Published by Belwin Jazz, a division of Alfred Music

The Big Beat, grade 3

Stompin' at the Savoy, grade 3

Ornitholiogy, grade 3

Indiana, grade 3

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Big Band Music Published by Walrus Music, a division of Jazz Lines

Partial Eclipse, grade 3.5

Gator Tail, grade 4

True North, grade 4

Full Blown, grade 4.5

Singular Vision, grade 4

Serpentine, grade 4

Sideways, grade 4

One-Two-Three, grade 4

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Published by Audible Intelligence Music

Nighthawk in Flight for jazz quartet and wind ensemble

Missing You for big band, grade 4

The Real Deal for big band, grade 3

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