Little Big Band Music, Published by Walrus Music, a division of Jazz Lines

G.P., grade 4

Song for Laura, grade 4

Blues for Brecker, grade 4

Blues for a King, grade 4

New Normal, grade 4

Diva, grade 4

Synergetic, grade 4

Hangtown Fry

All these pieces are from the album, YAZZ Band: New Normal. Listen here (scroll to the bottom of the page).

Music for Jazz Tenor Saxophone and String Quartet Published by Walrus Music, a division of Jazz Lines

String Theory

Missing You


Suddenly You

Listen to these pieces on the EP String Theory on Spotify.

Heartfelt and Diabolical for alto saxophone and piano, published by Murphy Music Press

Listen on Spotify.

 Big Band Music Published by Kendor Music

Blue Diamond, grade 2

That's the Idea, grade 3

Lavender Sunset, grade 2

Chalupa, grade 2

Big Time, grade 3.5

O Come, All Ye Faithful, grade 2

Sofrito, grade 2

Greg's Groove, grade 1

Back Online, grade 2

Porto Garibaldi, grade 2

Cavanaugh Bay, grade 2

Quality Time, grade 2

Listen to recordings here.

Book Chapter in Rehearsing the Jazz Band

Book Published by Advance Music, a division of Schott Music

Improvisation 101: Major, Minor and Blues

For more information, click here.

Jazz Concerto for Piano, wind ensemble orchestration, Published by Murphy Music Press

Big Band Music Published by Belwin Jazz, a division of Alfred Music

The Big Beat, grade 3

Stompin' at the Savoy, grade 3

Ornitholiogy, grade 3

Indiana, grade 3

Listen to recordings here.

Big Band Music Published by Walrus Music, a division of Jazz Lines

Partial Eclipse, grade 3.5

Gator Tail, grade 4

True North, grade 4

Full Blown, grade 4.5

Singular Vision, grade 4

Serpentine, grade 4

Sideways, grade 4

One-Two-Three, grade 4

Listen to recordings here.

Published by Audible Intelligence Music

Nighthawk in Flight for jazz quartet and wind ensemble

Missing You for big band, grade 4

The Real Deal for big band, grade 3

Listen to recordings here.