Yazz Band

Greg Yasinitsky

YAZZ Band features the exciting, original, contemporary big band compositions of bandleader and saxophonist Greg Yasinitsky, performed by fantastic musicians based mainly in the Pacific Northwest.

YAZZ Band is the brainchild of composer and saxophonist Greg Yasinitsky. These recordings feature fantastic musicians—most based in the Pacific Northwest—and through overdubbing, they realize contemporary, original big band compositions by Yasinitsky. The program includes everything from modal jazz to bop to ballads, hard swinging to even eighths, and reimaginings of the blues. A number of these compositions were commissions including music written especially for the 30th anniversary of the British Columbia Interior Jazz Festival, the 25th anniversary of the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts, the Louisiana State University Jazz Band, University of Arkansas Jazz Band and College of San Mateo Jazz Band. This program was recorded in the Washington State University Recording Studio during three days in June of 2017 with an additional session to record Partial Eclipse in December of 2017. Listeners who love modern big bands will appreciate the brilliant solo and ensemble playing, and Yasinitsky’s unique approach to jazz composition, featured on YAZZ Band.

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