YAZZ Band is the brainchild of composer and saxophonist Greg Yasinitsky who assembled some fantastic musicians—most based in the Pacific Northwest—to record of his contemporary, original big band compositions. Greg has released two two YAZZ Band CDs. The latest is YAZZ Band: New Normal, music for little big band, a product of the pandemic, a combination of studio and virtual recordings, released on Origin Records. Learn more here. YAZZ Band: New Normal is as follow up to the CD YAZZ Band, scored for standard big band instrumentation. Learn more here. The material on both CDs include everything from modal jazz to bop to ballads, hard swinging to even eighths, and blues inspired pieces. Listeners who love modern big bands will appreciate the brilliant solo and ensemble playing, and Yasinitsky’s unique approach to jazz composition, featured on both YAZZ Band CDs. Soloists include Horace Alexander Young and Patrick Sheng, saxophones; Vern Sielert and John Harbaugh, trumpets; Dave Glenn, Francisco Torres, Jenny Kellogg and Al Gemberling, trombones, Gabe Condon, guitar; Jake Svendsen, Brian Ward, Teo Ciavarella and Willis Delony, piano; F. David Snider, bass; David Jarvis and Dan Bukvich, drums; and leader Yasinitsky, saxophones. Learn more about YAZZ Band: New Normal here. Watch the video "Introducing the CD, YAZZ Band by Greg Yasinitsky here. Listen to the YAZZ Band CD here. Read accolades about YAZZ Band here.