1. It's Santa!

From the recording It's Santa!

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JECCA Vocal Jazz Ensemble: Kathleen Hollingsworth (Director), Jessica Israels, Shoshei Kobayashi, Jason Sabino, with Greg Yasinitsky's YAZZ Band, saxophones: Yasinitsky (solo), Thomas Wieland, David Larsen; trumpets: John Harbaugh, Vern Sielert; trombones: Sarah and A.J. Miller; piano: Kate Skinner; bass: Josh Skinner; drums: David Jarvis


It's Santa! He's on his way.
It's Santa! He's here today.
He's bringing toys for all the girls and boys.
Around the world, he brings us hope and joy.
It's Christmas. We celebrate
with Santa. He won't be late.
He's got his reindeer.
He's flying in his sleigh.
It's Santa! He's here today!