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YAZZ Band - CD and downloads


CD and downloads

YAZZ Band is the brainchild of composer and saxophonist Greg Yasinitsky. These recordings feature fantastic musicians—most based in the Pacific Northwest—and through overdubbing, they realize contemporary, original big band compositions by Yasinitsky. The program includes everything from modal jazz to bop to ballads, hard swinging to even eighths, and reimaginings of the blues. A number of these compositions were commissions including music written especially for the 30th anniversary of the British Columbia Interior Jazz Festival, the 25th anniversary of the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts, the Louisiana State University Jazz Band, University of Arkansas Jazz Band and College of San Mateo Jazz Band. This program was recorded in the Washington State University Recording Studio during three days in June of 2017 with an additional session to record Partial Eclipse in December of 2017. Listeners who love modern big bands will appreciate the brilliant solo and ensemble playing, and Yasinitsky’s unique approach to jazz composition, featured on YAZZ Band.

Mediterranean Connection - CD and Downloads

Mediterranean Connection

CD and Downloads

This project is the result of a beautiful friendship between American saxophonist and composer Greg Yasinitsky, based in the Pacific Northwest, and one of Europe’s finest jazz pianists Teo Chiavarella, based in Bologna, Italy. Chiavarella’s elegant and sophisticated keyboard playing is complemented by Yasinitsky’s big-toned, fiery saxophone improvisations. Both love to season their solos with blues-inspired ideas. These recordings were made in September of 2017 during a visit by Ciavarella to Washington State University where Yasinitsky is a School of Music faculty member. They received superlative support from bassist F. David Snider and drummer David Jarvis, also members of the WSU faculty. The program includes originals by Ciavarella and Yasinitsky along with Ciavarella’s arrangement of the beloved standard Bésame Mucho.

Yasinitsky contributed the funky shuffle Snagglepuss, the blazing modal tune "Partial Eclipse," the lilting waltz "Suddenly You" and "Laura’s Bossa Nova," written for his daughter’s birthday. Ciavarella is the composer of the jazz tango "Pablo de Granada," the blues drenched "Arianna," and the heartfelt "That is Why I am Crying (Dedicated to Matt)," written in memory of flutist Matt Marvuglio. This collection also includes two brilliant solo improvisations by Ciavarella: "Children of the Sun"—the title of which is the English translation of the Native American word "Spokane," the name of the largest city in Eastern Washington state—and "Fields of Grain," inspired by the countryside in the Inland Northwest.

Flute Favorites - CD and Downloads

Flute Favorites

CD and Downloads

This is a wonderful collection of favorites from the flute repertoire performed by acclaimed flutist Ann Marie Yasinitsky. The program includes sonatas by Taktakishvili and Poulenc, CPE Bach's Hamburger Sonata, Andante et Rondo by Frank Doppler and Pièce en forme de Habanera by Ravel. Ann receives wonderful support from pianist Karen Hsiao Savage and flutist Sophia Tegart.

Gator Tail - CD and Downloads

Gator Tail

CD and Downloads

Gator Tail is a band inspired by Willis “Gator Tail” Jackson, an amazing saxophonist and one of the masters of the great tenor/organ jazz quartet tradition. The music on this disc celebrates hard bop and soul jazz,updated with a contemporary flair. Gator Tail features tenor saxophonist Greg Yasinitsky—whose style is a combination of modern playing with heavy blues content—along with Hammond organist Brian Ward, guitarist Brad Ard and drummer David Jarvis. The tunes on this set were composed especially for Gator Tail by Ard, Ward and Yasinitsky. This collection is ideal for listeners who crave jazz with a strong dose of blues and funk. Yasinitsky, Ward, Ard and Jarvis are faculty members in the School of Music at Washington State University. Yasinitsky is a JodyJazz artist and a Yamaha performing artist.



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